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Bio-Care Rosacea Formula Concentrate (30ml)


This breakthrough formula soothes and helps heal Rosacea and sensitive, irritated , reddened skin. Contains an anti-inflammatory to restore smoothness while calming and soothing the skin. Formulated with no fragrance, no surfactant, nor artificial colors to clog or irritate skin.
Apply Rosacea formula Concentrate Serum directly to affected area after cleansing 10 minutes later, and then apply moisturizer. If your symptoms are serious,Can be use Rosacea formula Concentrate Serum ten to twenty drops each time
Active Ingredients
Tree Peony Bark Extract, Turmeric Extract, Deep Sea Water Concentrate,α-Bisabolol,Ajidew NL-50, Prodew 400,Oligosacchride, Allantoin,Hyaluronic Acid, VitaminB5, VitaminB6.
Product Features
Inhibits and down-regulates the chemical inflammatory promoters that increase during skin inflammation.
Gets rid Gets rid of rosacea pustules, papules & lesions, reduces acne rosacea redness
Listing in Medical Centers,Dermatologist recommend.


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